Hello world!

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

Thanks to WordPress for getting me started. I have decided to leave this as my first post—but adding my own tweaks—because, well… why not? I can keep the “hello world” clichéd and over-used opener and claim that “It wasn’t me – it was WordPress!”

So what’s up with my new blog anyway? I consider myself to be quite the technophile and have wasted devoted many hours reading many different frivolous intellectual pursuits on the Internet. (Disclaimer/truth: I have spent countless hours reading both frivolity and seriousness all over the world wide web. Also, I just read that we shouldn’t call it the “world wide web” or “the Internet” anymore… is that true?!) But, here I am, in 2014, just starting my very first blog!! I suppose all of my other professional needs and wants came first. Published first-authored empirical article? Yeah… still waiting on that one. So, here I am. Taking the writing bull by the horns and having a go at it. Because somewhere in here, I’d love to reconnect with my passion for writing. And reading. (Little known fact about me: growing up, one summer I spent some time with my mom and her friends and their kids at a beach house. I pretty much stayed indoors and read. Partly because I easily burned in the sun. But mostly because I absolutely loved to read. After that, the other girls at the beach house called me Booker. Good times.)

I digress. Reading and writing—that’s what I’m here for. And what I hope to do with this blog is to write for myself about things that I am passionate about. Topics may include—but are not limited to—things like, social psychology, general science, community engagement, work-life balance (whatever that means), health and well-being, whole-food-plant-based living, ballet, west coast swing dancing, Pilates, movement, and my cats.

Hello world! Here I come…